Aunt Ruth
Vital Statistics
Name Aunt Ruth
Gender Female
Vegetable Pickle/Zucchini (?)
First Episode Appearance Josh and the Big Wall
Voice Actress None

Aunt Ruth is a character in VeggieTales. She is a mentioned relative of Larry the Cucumber.

Ruth is the aunt of Larry the Cucumber. She is first mentioned by Jerry Gourd in the song "I Can Be Your Friend" when he says, "Is it my imagination, or does Aunt Ruth have a beard?" When Larry the Cucumber sings "I Love My Lips" in Dave and the Giant Picklehe makes a second allusion of her: "On the day I got my tooth I had to kiss my great Aunt Ruth. She had a beard... and it felt weird."

Aunt Ruth was not mentioned again until a glimpse of her appeared in Phil Vischer's "Veggiecational" book for children, "Bob and Larry's ABCs." The book was released in September
of 1997, and shows the following on the page describing the letter "R" (look at Rosie Grape's photograph):

Close up, Aunt Ruth appears to be a pickle or zucchini. She appears to have shaved recently, as she has a bandage on her face.

She makes her first actual appearance in Josh and the Big Wall as Mother Pickle. Later in Larry's multimedia slideshow presentation in "The Song of the Cebu," Larry accidentally shows a picture of him and Aunt Ruth at the airport. The photo is cut off so only half of Ruth can be seen. Although it has never been confirmed, Aunt Ruth possibly makes an appearance in Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen.

"Aunt Ruth Lives!"

The numbers coded on the side Larry's photograph (1211420 1821208 12922519) actually spell out something. Each number represents a letter in the alphabet based on its numerical placement in the alphabet, and it spells out "Aunt Ruth Lives!"


Aunt Ruth is a green vegetable with warts on her skin, indicating she may be a pickle or a zucchini with warts. She has a large nose and wears pink lipstick. She wears a sun hat, a pearl necklace and a blue dress patterned with flowers.



  • Ruth is the name of the Biblical character from the book of Ruth.
  • According to both Larry and Jerry, she has a beard. However as seen in Larry's photograph, she only has a bandage on her face which may have been caused by shaving.