Baby Lou
Vital Statistics
Name Baby Lou Carrot
Gender Male
Vegetable Carrot
First Episode Appearance The Toy That Saved Christmas
Voice Actor None

Baby Lou Carrot is a character in VeggieTales. Lou is a baby carrot and the youngest member of The Carrot Family

His first and only appearance is in The Toy That Saved Christmasoften seen lingering around his older siblings, Lenny and Laura. Being a baby, Lou is a little clumsy and has a hard time keeping up with the other children in Dinkletown.


Baby Lou
Baby Lou is a carrot and wears a diaper. He is sometimes seen with thin, curly blonde hair. In The Toy That Saved Christmas he occassionally wears light blue ear-muffs.


Roles Episodes/Movies Segment
Himself The Toy That Saved Christmas The Toy That Saved Christmas minor


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