Bruce Onion
Vital Statistics
Title Bruce Onion
Gender Male
Vegetable Onion
First Episode Appearance Celery Night Fever
Voice Actor Terry Crews

Bruce Onion is a character in VeggieTales. Bruce Onion is introduced in Celery Night Fever as a real estate tycoon who plans to tear down Celery Park for industrial purposes.

Earlier in his life, Bruce wanted to be a famous tuba player and booked a gig at Celery Park. He planned to play his solo act after the Groovy Brothers, a famous band, had finished playing. However, the Groovy Brothers never left the stage, and Bruce never had his chance to perform, making him bitter and unforgiving.

Bruce planned to tear down Celery Park at the same time the Groovy Brothers were hosting a fundraiser to save the park. Instead, the Groovy Brothers offer to let Bruce join them in their performance. Bruce forgives them, and glady performs with them on the tuba, as well as donating enough money to save the park.


Bruce Onion is a purple onion with green leaves on the top of his head. He has a brown beard and wears glasses and a pink collared shirt with a brown sweater.



  • Many of Bruce's puns were ad-libbed by his voice actor, Terry Crews.
  • He is the grandfather of Stevey Onion.

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