Bumblyburg is a fictional city in VeggieTales. It appears in the episodes staring the city's superhero, Larry-Boy, although it is redressed as Spring Valley, the town in Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas.


Bumblyburg's beginning is very similar to America's beginning. It was founded 300 years ago by a group of vegetables and fruits sailing on the "Califlower" (a parody of the pilgrim's ship, the "Mayflower") lead by a cucumber named Obadiah Bumbly. But during Bumblyburg's construction, the people of the city were being tempted by Ephrem Apply, an apple who came with them on the "Califlower" and who planned to take over Bumblyburg by distracting the people from their work in building the city by building "Apply's Funhouse", where the people were trapped inside and tempted to do what they wanted. Obadiah realized this, and he freed his people from the funhouse, banishing Ephrem Apply from Bumblyburg.

300 years later, Bumblyburg is protected by a cucumber superhero, Larry-Boy. Villains such as the Fib and the Rumor Weed have attempted to take over the city, but they failed to, defeated by Larry-Boy. The Fib was an alien from outer space who fed on a child's lies (Junior Asparagus's) to grow and try to take over the city. The Rumor Weed fed on rumors, as her name implies, and spread all over Bumblyburg. Both were defeated by the truth. In the LarryBoy cartoon series, Bumblyburg has been almost destroyed by many villains, such as Awful Alvin, Lampy, Greta Von Grusome and the Alchemist, and many others in the LarryBoy book series.

Ephrem Apply's descended niece, The Bad Apple, once tried to take over Bumblyburg in her uncle's name, first by vandalizing many places in Bumblyburg with her spiderwebs such as Obadiah Bumbly's statue. She also created "Apply's Funhouse 2" to distract the people from their work for Bumblyburg's 300th Birthday celebration, much like Ephrem Apply did. However, she was defeated by Larry-Boy and the citizens of Bumblyburg.

The last villain to try to take over the city was Dr. Flurry, a mad scientist who tried to freeze the entire city with the power of fear. He was defeated not only by LarryBoy, but by a group of superheroes, The League of Incredible Vegetables.


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