Buzz-Saw Louie
Vital Statistics
Name Buzz-Saw Louie
Gender Male
First Episode Appearance The Toy That Saved Christmas
Voice Actor Ken Cavannaugh

Buzz-Saw Louie is a character in Veggietales. His star appearance is in The Toy That Saved Christmas.

Buzz-Saw Louie was manufactered at Mr. Nezzer's toy factory, whose purpose was to make kids buy more toys for Christmas. However, this particular toy thought Christmas meant more than buying more toys. Wanting to know the true meaning of Christmas, he escaped the factory at night.

The next day he meets Bob, Larry and Junior, residents of Dinkletown, who agree to help him by taking him to George the postman. At George's house, George reads form the Scripture and tells them that Christmas is about Jesus' birth.

Louie and his friends decide to make this known to everyone by breaking into Mr. Nezzer's TV studio and broadcasting live to everyone, giving them the true meaning of Christmas. However, they are caught by Mr. Nezzer and sent tied up on a sled to a collapsed bridge. In the end, Mr. Nezzer decides he was wrong and saves Louie and his friends. Afterwards, Mr. Nezzer is invited to Dinkletown for Christmas, and Buzz-Saw Louie opens a carpenter shop.


Buzz-Saw Louie is a plastic toy with a buzz-saw attached to his right hand. He wears blue overalls, a blue hat and brown shoes. 



  • It is revealed behind the scenes of The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything that Elliot (Larry) is afraid of Buzz-Saw Louie.
  • He and Hope are the only characters that resemble humans.