Vital Statistics
Name Princess Eloise
Gender Female
Vegetable Green leek
Age 8
First Appearance The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie
Voice Actress Laura Gerow

Eloise is a character in VeggieTales. She is the princess of Monterria, ruled by her father, The King. 

Sometime in the 17th century, Eloise was on her brother Alexander's ship, the Steadfast, when it was attacked by pirates. The attack was led by her evil pirate uncle, Robert the Terrible. Robert managed to capture Alexander and the crew while Eloise hid below decks with her butler, Willory. While in hiding, Eloise activated the Helpseeker, a device invented by her father to bring help. 

The Helpseeker later brings three heroes (George, Elliot and Sedgewick, who are from the 21st century) to help them save Alexander. Though Willory doesn't trust them, as they are dressed like pirates, Eloise is happy to have them help. 

Eloise and her new crew venture Monterria to find the location of Robert's fortress. Unfortunately, Eloise and Willory are captured by Robert's spies and brought to his fortress where they are threatened to be killed if they do not betray the King. George, Elliot and Sedgewick soon rescue them, and barely escape the fortress. Robert goes after them in his ship, but is stopped when the heroes are saved by a suprise ambush from the King himself. Robert and his crew are defeated, and the heroes are brought aboard the King's ship. Eloise is present for the heroes ceremony and departure shortly afterwards.


Eloise is an 8-year-old green leek. She wears a white silk dress with lace trims and a pink bow on the back. She also wears pearl earrings and another pink bow in her curled blonde hair.


Eloise is pure of heart and brimming with optimism. She believes in people's good qualities, often seeing what few others can see for themselves. Although she is very young, her father's care has taught her to be the kind and charming princess she is.




  • Eloise is described as the VeggieTales version of the Star Wars character Princess Leia.