Vital Statistics
Name George
Gender Male
Vegetable Scallion
First Episode Appearance Rack, Shack and Benny
Voice Actor Phil Vischer

George is a characer in VeggieTales. He is a scallion and often plays the role of a storyteller. 

He first appears in Rack, Shack & Benny as the Gatekeeper to the Nezzer Chocolate Factory who narrates the story. His second appearance is in The Toy That Saved ChristmasIn this episode he tells his granddaughter Annie a bedtime story about Dinkletown, a town that "didn't get Christmas." 

George was a package delivery man in Dinkletown and delivered Christmas packages there. But one year a nearby toy factory started making Buzz Saw Louie dolls; a toy that was advertized as the true meaning of Christmas, making all the children think they needed more toys. This also made the children whine, which caused a lot of trouble in Dinkletown. However, a Buzz-Saw Louie doll who wasn't manufactured right decided that Christmas meant much more than toys, and escaped the factory to find out. He soon met three Dinkletown residents, Bob, Larry, and Junior, who took him to a "very smart person" to answer his question. This person was George himself. George told them that Christmas is really all about Christ's birth.

Another notable appearance is when George played Clark Wayne (a parody of Mark Twaine), who narrates Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry's Big River Rescue.


George is a scallion. He has a white mustache (which was brown/black in his youth) and a light purple nose (green or pink in later appearences). He has several stalks sticking out of his hat that he wears and usually wears a bowtie.