Vital Statistics
Name Goliath
Gender Male
Vegetable Pickle
First Episode Appearance Dave and the Giant Pickle
Voice Actor Phil Vischer

Goliath is a character in VeggieTales. He is a giant pickle who first appears in Dave and the Giant Pickle as Goliath the Phillistine who fights Dave.

The Israelites agreed with their enemies the Phillistines that they would chose two champions to fight each other, and whoever's side won would rule over the other. The Phillistines chose the giant Goliath, and Dave volunteered to fight for the Israelites. Even though Goliath was much bigger and stronger, Dave defeated him with a slingshot and a pebble, but most importantly, with the help of God.

Goliath makes a brief appearance in Josh and the Big Wall having a cookout with his family in the Promise Land, but unfortunately scaring away the Israelites who arrived there.

He also appears in Madame Blueberry on a menu in Stuff-Mart, fighting the Fib.



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