Grandma Gourd
Vital statistics
Title Grandma Gourd
Gender Female
Vegetable/Fruit Gourd
First Episode Appearance Sumo of the Opera
Voice Actress Kevin Gamble, Keri Pisapia

Grandma Gourd is a minor character in VeggieTales.


Grandma Gourd is an elderly gourd who is quite possibly the wife of Grandpa Gourd, although no relationship has been shown between them. She first appears as a cameo character in Sumo of the Opera as an old lady going down the escalator of a Japanese mall.

She continues to appear as a cameo character, but has her first speaking role in Pistachio: The Little Boy That Woodn'tShe begins to appear more often and having more acting roles such as Mrs. Josephson in It's a Meaningful LifeMrs. Clark in 'Twas the Night Before EasterMrs. Lewis in Robin Good and his Not-So-Merry Men and Mrs. Crespie in Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas.


Grandma Gourd is an elderly and pale-yellow gourd. She is stout and her chin is visible and has a large nose with circular glasses sitting on them. She has beady eyes that are often squinting and has white hair (that is sometimes black or grey) that is styled in a strange way, but later in the series it is styled in a bun. She often wears a pink dress with a pattern of white flowers and a blue collar.