Jimmy: Have you ever seen a boy with funny clothes,

A girl with braces in her teeth or freckles on her nose?

Some kids call them oddballs, some kids call them weird

Jerry: Is it my imagination, or does Aunt Ruth have a beard?

Jimmy: God makes lots of people in all colors, shapes and sizes,

He loves them very much, and what we need to realize is

That calling people names because they're different is wrong.

Instead, we need to look on them in love and sing this song:

Jimmy and Jerry: I can be your friend,

I can be your friend.

Any day in any weather.

We can be friends and play together!

Bob: Yeah, we're all pretty different,

Some are skinny, some are stout.

Larry: But the inside is the part

that we're supposed to care about!

Scooter: Aye, that's where we've got feelings

That are very much the same.

Junior: And so instead of weirdo,

I think friend's a better name!

All: I can be your friend, (la, la, la)

I can be your friend. (la, la, la)

If your hair is red or yellow,

We can have lunch

Junior: I'll share my Jell-O!

All: I can be your friend,

I can be your friend.

It's okay if we are different

We can still play, 'cause I can be your friend!

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