Jerry Gourd
Vital Statistics
Name Jerry Gourd
Gender Male
Vegetable Gourd
First Episode Appearance Are You My Neighbor?
Voice Actor Mike Nawrocki

Jerry Gourd is a character in VeggieTales. He is a gourd who is hardly ever seen without his brother Jimmy. Jerry is the taller (and quieter) of the two, but like his brother, is known for his large appetite. He is also known to be a Star Trek fan.

He debuts with his brother Jimmy in Are You My Neighbor? as the "new guys" at the USS Applepies, but are unknowingly misfits for their huge appetites. However, Jimmy and Jerry prove themselves to be good people when they save the USS Applepies from a giant popcorn ball meteor by eating it, afterwards singing "I Can Be Your Friend."

Jerry also appears as an Israelite in both Dave and the Giant Pickle and Josh and the Big WallHe has also starred in the Love Song "His Cheeseburger" (sung by Mr. Lunt), furthering his reputation for appetite.

Other notable roles for Jerry are the Constable in The Star of Christmas and An Easter Carol, The Other Elf in Lord of the Beans (parody of Lord of the Rings, in which he appears as an elf that looks like the Keebler elf), the Spaniard in The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie, and the Duke of Orleans in Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry's Big River Rescue.


Jerry is a gourd who has a love for eating and singing. He is slightly dim-witted and often quiet, usually speaking in very short sentances following whatever is said by his brother Jimmy. He can also be competetive, usually with with his brother at who can eat more than the other.


Jerry is a tall yellow gourd with a stem, and has green streaks on the top of head (which sometimes don't appear). He also has a brown nose, which sometimes is colored yellow.



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