Vital statistics
Title Joe
Gender Male
Vegetable/Fruit Tomato
First Episode Appearance Larry Learns to Listen
Voice Actor Andrea Logan White

Joe is a yellow tomato and a minor character in "VeggieTales".


His first appearance was in two VeggieTales books, "Bob Lends a Helping Hand" and "Larry Learns to Listen". His first appearances were from the episode version of the books, and then in "God Loves You Very Much."

Other then Bob, Joe is the only known tomato in the series.


Joe is a small yellow tomato with a small yellow nose and eyelids, who wears a blue cap on his green leaves and stem. Joe is very similar to Bob, being a tomato. The only differences from Bob and Joe is that Joe is much smaller, he has a small nose, he is yellow and that he wears a cap. His skin is normally yellow as himself.


  • Himself in "Larry Learns to Listen"
  • Himself in "Bob Lends a Helping... Hand?"
  • Himself in "God Loves You Very Much"
  • Himself in "Celery Night Fever" (cameo)
  • Himself in "Beauty and the Beet" (cameo)


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