King Darius Suite
Vital statistics
Title King Darius Suite
Episode Where's God When I'm S-Scared?
Lyrics by Phil Vischer
Music by Kurt Heinecke and Phil Vischer
Sung by Phil Vischer, Mike Nawrocki, Chris Olsen and Gail Bock

King Darius Suite, or My Name is Daniel, is a song in Daniel and the Lion's Den in Where's God When I'm S-Scared?


King Darius: I am King Darius

I've had a dream

And now I'm feeling rather frightened

And I wish someone would tell me what it means.

Wiseman #1: We are your wisemen

Yes, that is true

And though we're using all our wisdom

We're afraid we can't explain your dream to you.

King Darius: What!?

Wiseman #3: But there is one who is wiser still

And Daniel is his name 

So before you take another sleeping pill 

Perhaps he can explain.

Daniel: My name is Daniel

That much is true

But it is God who gives me wisdom

And through me He will explain your dreams to you.

Pear maid: His name is Daniel

That's what he said

But when he talks about this God of his

I think he's kind of loony in the head. (I do.)

Narrator: Well, Daniel was able to explain the king's 

dream. And this made the king very happy.

King Darius: Daniel, you have enlightened me

Your job I will expand

From now I want you to sit right beside me

As second in command.

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