VeggieTales Theme Song (Early Rare 2001)

VeggieTales Theme Song (Early Rare 2001)

VeggieTales: Theme Song (Early Rare 2001)

King George & The Ducky is the thirteenth episode of the Christian computer-animated series VeggieTales. It was initially released in April 2000 by both Word and Lyrick Studios. Then in 2002, Warner Bros. reprinted it with special quality. Also, in 2003, it was added as part of the Veggie Classics episodes on VHS and DVD.

This episode's a "lesson about selfishness". The short segment is called "The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down With All the Bananas" which is a disaster because Jimmy and Jerry try to host the show. the main story is about King David(whose name is King George (played by Larry the cucumber)) and Bathsheba (who is represented as a rubber duckie) which can be found in the book of Second Samuel. The Silly Song's "Endangered Love".


In this episode of VeggieTales, the show starts out on the counter-top as usual, but this time there're two very suspicious gourds who're wearing cardboard cutouts of Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber."Bob" says they have a letter from a kid named Jimmy who lives in a place near Texas and he knows another kid named Jerry whose soooo selfish, one of the most selfish kids in the world. "Larry" says Jerry's not selfish then "Bob" says that's what the letter said then "Larry" says that Jimmy said Hubert was selfish. Then, "Bob" says that's what Jimmy said in the letter! Then, the Larry cardboard cutout falls off and we realize that "Larry" was really Jerry! "Bob" says you're the one who said Jerry. The real Bob says what's going on here?!!. The real Larry asks what they're doing? Jimmy says i'm Bob the Tomato... then Jerry says "and i'm not selfish"! Bob say he's the real Bob the Tomato. Larry's the real Larry the Cucumber. Jimmy says he was just trying to help them out and thought they needed a break. Bob says he just had a break, he doesn't need another one. Jimmy says they have wanted to host a show ever since Dave and the Giant Pickle. Bob's not sure about it. Jimmy says they have a story that teaches kids don't be selfish that Jerry wrote. Bob reluctantly says they can do it. Jerry says it's called "The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down With All the Bananas". Bob and Larry hop off screen while Jerry says "Roll Film".


  • Theme Song
  • I Love My Duck
  • I Must Have It
  • More Wronger
  • Silly Song: Endangered Love
  • There Once Was a Man
  • Selfish Song
  • What We Have Learned