Lenny Carrot
Vital Statistics
Name Lenny Carrot
Gender Male
Vegetable Carrot
First Episode Appearance Are You My Neighbor?
Voice Actress Natalia Lozano, Leslie Ferrell and Bridget Miller

Lenny Carrot is a character in VeggieTales. His siblings are Laura Carrot and Baby Lou, and his parents are Mom and Dad Carrot. Lenny only appears in five of episodes, usually as a minor character with minimal speaking roles. He first appears in in Are You My Neighbor? as a citizen of Jibberty-Lot.

He appears again in The Toy That Saved Christmas as one of the veggie kids who live in Dinkletown. In Larry-Boy! & the Fib from Outer Space! Junior Asparagus breaks his dad's favorite plate and tells Percy Pea that Lenny broke it by feeding it to a crocodile.


Lenny is a carrot with a reddish orange nose. He can be recognized by his red and white propeller hat.

Character Roles and Appearances



  • Although Lenny is a minor character, he appear a lot in VeggieTales merchandise (books, toys, etc.)