Mom Asparagus
Vital Statistics
Name Mom Asparagus
Gender Female
Vegetable Asparagus
First Episode Appearance Where's God When I'm S-Scared?
Voice Actress Gail Bock, Lisa Vischer, Jackie Ritz and Keri Pisapia

Mom Asparagus, or Mrs. Asparagus, is a character in VeggieTales. She is the wife of Dad Asparagus and the mother of Junior Asparagus. Her roles in the series are almost exclusively that of Junior's mother. Mom Asparagus is also in the original VeggieTales Theme Song.

She first appears in Where's God When I'm S-Scared? telling Junior that it's time for bed. She later appears in Rack, Shack and Benny as the mother of Shack (played by Junior) singing the song "Think of Me."

Other notable roles for Mom Asparagus are Rachel Gilbert in An Easter Carol and Leah in The Little Drummer BoyShe has also starred in the Silly Song "Goodnight Junior."


Mom Asparagus is an asparagus. She has pink eyelids and wears the "signature mother" pearl earrings and necklace. She is also often seen wearing a yellow dress with an apron.





  • Mom Asparagus was originally to be Archibald Asparagus' wife (as shown in the VeggieTales Promo: Take 38), as Junior wasn't created yet. Lovey Asparagus later took to role as his wife.