Mom and Dad Onion
Vital Statistics
Name Mom and Dad Onion
Vegetable Onions
First Episode Appearance Madame Blueberry
Voice Actor/Actress None

Mom Onion and Dad Onion, or Annie's parents, are characters in VeggieTales. They are the parents of Annie who appear in Madame Blueberry as a poor family who celebrate Annie's birthday with a single slice of apple pie. Even though they are poor, Annie shows her parents that she is thankful ("The Thankfulness Song"). Annie's parents are unused thus far.


Mom Onion is a green onion with short blonde hair. She wears a raggedy, patched-up tan dress. Dad Onion is also a green onion, with black hair and facial hair. He wears glasses, a gray hat, and a patched-up red and white striped shirt.




  • Annie's parents are modeled after Phil Vischer and his wife, Lisa Vischer.
  • The Onions live in a tree with a hollow inside for shelter, a straw/stick roof and a mailbox. There is a single bed visable inside the tree, an orange couch in the backyard (identical to that of pirate Captain Pa's) and there is also a picnic table outside their home.