Mom and Dad Pea
Vital Statistics
Name Mom and Dad Pea
Vegetable Peas
First Episode Appearance The Toy That Saved Christmas
Voice Actor Phil Vischer (Dad Pea)

Mom Pea and Dad Pea are characters in VeggieTales. They are the parents of Percy and Li'l Pea. They make their first appearance with their children in The Toy That Saved Christmas as residents of Dinkletown.

Dad Pea later makes a cameo appearance in Larry-Boy! & the Fib from Outer Space!, almost being crushed in his car by the Fib. He also appears in Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed barbacueing with Mr. Nezzer and Dad Carrot when the Rumor Weed appears to them to spread rumors and they join her in song ("The Rumor Weed Song").


Mom Pea is a pea with brown hair and wears the "signature mother" pearl earrings and necklace. Dad Pea wears large framed glasses.


Mom Pea

Dad Pea



  • Although they do not appear often in the series, Mom and Dad Pea are usually the icon for the "Parental Controls" in VeggieTales video games.