Mrs. Cucumber
Vital statistics
Title Mrs. Cucumber
Gender Female
Vegetable/Fruit Cucumber
First Episode Appearance Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed
Voice Actor Steve Leeper

Mrs. Cucumber is a cameo character in VeggieTales and a citizen of Bumblyburg.


She was amongst the crowd at the Bumblyburg Library who thought that Alfred was a robot, due to rumors caused by the Rumor Weed, she saying that our children in danger as they circled Alfred. She also witnessed the Rumor Weed coming out of the ground and grabbing Alfred, and afterwards she said angrily, 'serves him right, the menace!'. Later on, Junior Asparagus and Laura Carrot convinced everyone that Alfred was not a robot and that they were rumors spread by the Rumor Weed. After everyone realizes that Alfred was very innocent, all of the citizens agreed was a nice man, therefore killing the weed, turning into a flower and dropping Alfred to his freedom.


She is a green cucumber, quite possibly related to Larry the Cucumber and a mother of a baby cucumber. She wears a blue dress and a brown hat with a purple flower, and the traditional mother's pearl earings. She also has pink eyelids and long eyelashes.