Vital statistics
Title Papaya
Gender Female
Vegetable/Fruit Cucumber or carrot
First Episode Appearance "God Made You Special"
Voice Actor Megan Murphy

Papaya is a minor character in "VeggieTales".


Papaya is a reappearing veggie kid who first appears in a bonus clip in "God Made You Special." She then makes another appearance in "Silly Little Thing Called Love" as one of the interviewed Veggie Kids. Her name isn't official, but it is most likely Papaya as seen in the movie, "Princess and the Popstar" and in the credits of "The Penniless Princess." She also appeared in a Silly Song, "Best Friends Forever."

She seems to have a teenager appearance.


Papaya is a small light green cucumber with a small nose, who grows long brown hair, She is usually seen wearing a yellow bow on her head and a yellow, white and blue dress. In another appearance she has orange hair. When she acted as a carrot, she was colored orange. In her next appearance, she wears a white hat with blue and pink flowers, with a matching colored shirt and a blue vest and a pink belt.


  • Herself in "God Made You Special" (bouns clip)
  • Mexican girl in "Minnisota Cuke and the Search For Noah's Umbrella"
  • Herself in "Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving" (cameo)
  • Herself in "Silly Little Thing Called Love"
  • Herself in "Happy Together"
  • Herself in "Twas the Night Before Easter" (cameo)
  • Herself in "Princess and the Popstar: A Story of Trading Places"
  • Lavinia and teenager in "The Penniless Princess: God's Little Girl"
  • Herself in "Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas" (cameo)
  • Herself in "Beauty and the Beet" (cameo)

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