Rumor Weed

The rumor weed is an imfamous weed that has spread around Bumblyburg. She started as Larryboy accidentally knocked a plant off a building while having a conversation with Alfred, the plant then landed on a telephone wire where an unknown veggie was talking on the phone and telling rumors. The plant heard the rumor, while getting electrocuted by the wires, and then fell off. It fell deep below the soil and cement and started growing, flowing with rumors.

It soon came up and out of the cement sidewalk, hearing Junior and Laura saying that thier guest at school, Alfred, was weird because he said he had to "Recharge his batteries," but neither of the children knew it was a figure of speech so they thought he was a robot. The weed heard, and soon she reproduced and another one of her told some more citezens.

The rumor weeds spread across Bumblyburg, and everyone was ready to attack Alfred because he was a "robot." Soon, Mr. Asparagus saw the fuss, and he explained to Laura and Junior that Alfred wasn't a robot, and recharging his batteries meant he had to go home and rest. He also said even if it was true, God wants them to spread nice words. Soon the word spread that Alfred was a nice man, and the rumor weed's head turned into a flower, thus growing a lot more flowers on the entire body.


  • Herself in "Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed"