Sara Crewe
Vital statistics
Title Sara Crewe
Gender Female
Vegetable/Fruit Rhubarb
First Episode Appearance The Penniless Princess: God's Little Girl
Voice Actress Anna Grace Stewart

Sara Crewe is a minor character in "VeggieTales".


Sara Crewe is a sweet girl who stars in "The Penniless Princess." Sara was sent to boarding school from her rich father, Captain Douglas Crewe, while he went off to the army. Sara befriended another boarding school girl, Ermengarde, and a girl servant Becky. Since Sara's father died at war, no one could pay for Sara's room or class, so she was turned into a servant like Becky.

Even though Sara was poor and hungry, she still looked up to God and tried to make the best of things. Headmistress Minchin kept on being cruel to Becky and Sara, but one day Richard Crewe's old friend, Mr. Carrisford, found Sara and adopted her. Headmistress Minchin was fired at the boarding school for her cruelty, and Sara and Becky were then allowed to continue school.


Sara is a small, green rhubarb with a pink nose and eyelids with long eyelashes. She also has pink blush and brown hair. At the begining of "The Penniless Princess," Sara wore a blue hat with a bow and a blue and yellow dress with a red button. Later on in the episode, she wears a pink and white school uniform and a blue bow in her hair. She then wore a gray bonnet and dress at the end when she was poor.



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