Scallion 1
Vital Statistics
Name Scallion #1
Gender Male
Vegetable Scallion
First Episode Appearance Where's God When I'm S-Scared?
Voice Actor Phil Vischer

Scallion #1 (also known as the Lead Scallion) is a character in VeggieTales. He is the leader of the Rapscallions, the others being Scallion 2 and Scallion 3.

He is the tallest of the Scallions, and like the other two, he is unnamed. His shorter, more goofy partners regularly appear with him. He is often known to play mischevious roles, first appearing in Where's God When I'm S-Scared? as one of the Wisemen who plot against Daniel. He appears in the next episode in an info-mercial for the Forgive-O-Matic. Scallion #1 also appears in Madame Blueberry as a Stuff-Mart salesman who tries to convince Madame Blueberry that she needs more stuff to make her happy.

Scallion #1 sings baritone in a quartet singer with the other Scallions and Frankencelery (but switches to bass in 'Twas the Night Before Easter when Frankencelery is not present).


Scallion #1 is a mysterious, sly and crafty character. He is also somewhat snobbish and can be easily annoyed by his slightly dim-witted sidekicks. He is also bothered that he doesn't have a name ("They've never given me a name. I've been around since show one and I still don't have a name!")


Scallion #1 is a tall scallion with stalks for hair. He has purple-colored eyelids and a long purple nose. He is seen wearing eyeliner in early appearances, and in Daniel wears a gold ruby-encrusted belt. He also has a British accent. 

After VeggieTales switched to the Maya animation software, Scallion #1's hair/stalks are slicked back giving them a combed look. His eyeliner is also removed.




  • He is rumored to be the Silly Song announcer.
  • Scallion #1 is very similar to Archibald Asparagus in both appearance and voice.
  • According to
    • His favorite role is the Stuff-Mart Salesman
    • His long-term goal is to star in his own TV series, "The Incredible Adventures of That Guy Who Looks Like a Green Onion."
    • His short-term goal is to get the VeggieTales directors to stop calling him, "Hey, you!"
  • When Lyle the Kindly Viking was released, let fans submit name suggestions for Scallion #1 which would be shortly featured on the website. 

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