Schoolhouse Polka is the fifteenth silly song from Veggietales.

The Announcer: And now it's time for "Schoolhouse Polka with Larry", the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a schoolhouse polka.

Larry: Whether, whether, whether, whether, Whether you like it or not Weather, weather, weather, weather,Weather is cold, warm and hot

Two, two, two, two

Two of my favorite toys

I’m bringing to, to, to, to

A place the first one enjoys and I like it, too!

Larry and background singers: Homophones! Homophones!

Where the crews come cruising down the plane!

Homophones! Homophones!

I need my kneaded biscuits plain!

Larry: I know a pear, pear, pear, pear

With a pair of really soft shoes

He wears them to pare, pare, pare, pare

Bushes that easily bruise.

I planted rows, rows, rows, rows of a horribly bad smelling rose

Now no one knows, knows, knows, knows

If the scent will be leaving my nose!

But most likely no.

Larry and background singers: Homophones! Homophones!

  Where the toads are towed out on the plane!

Homophones! Homophones!

I need my kneaded biscuits plain!

(German metal break)

(Larry does a guitar like riff with the accordion)

Larry: (slightly fasterWhether, whether, whether, whether,

Whether you like it or not

Weather, weather, weather, weather,

Weather is cold, warm and hot. The Announcer: This has been "Schoolhouse Polka with Larry". Tune in next time to hear Larry sing...

Larry: What happened to my preposition?

I took it on an expedition.

Put it by the thing I keep my fish in.

Got infected with a skin condition.

The Announcer: ...And...

LARRY I’m a pronoun,

They’re a pronoun,

He’s a pronoun,

She’s a pronoun

Wouldn’t you like to be a pronoun too?

The Announcer: ...And...

Larry: It was the Biggest, bluest, cleanest, brightest

Quickest, newest, roundest, nicest

Softest, tallest, toughest, lightest

Smoothest, kindest, flattest, tightest

Most amazing adjective I’d ever seen!

The Announcer: ...And...

Larry: I’m done.

The Announcer: …Interjections? Adverbs?

Larry: …ahh, no.

The Announcer: Alrighty.

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