The Grim Tickler
The grim blowing veggie

The Grim Tickler

Vital statistics
Title The Grim Tickler
Gender Male
Vegetable/Fruit Unknown vegetable
First Episode Appearance Esther...The Girl Who Became Queen
Voice Actress Phil Vischer

The Grim Tickler is a minor character in "VeggieTales".


The Grim Tickler is an unknown vegetable who appears in the episode, "Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen." He is a tall dark figure who punishes people for bad doings by tickling them with a giant feather and sends them to The Island of Perpetual Tickling where they're tickled day and night.

So far, his known victims are Teresh Peanoi, Bigthan Peaoni, and Haman.

Whenever someone has to be sent to the Island of Perpetual Tickling, a long thin veggie that wears a brown robe with a long feather comes out and tickles the punished victims to the island endlessly.

He doesn't speak at all, and eerie organ-like music plays whenever he shows up.

He is only seen in Esther.


The Grim Tickler is a long thin veggie (resembles as tall figure), who wears a long brown coat and hood, covering his whole body. He may have arms, for two long sleves are on the coat and carry a long feather. There are tan stitches to hold the coat together.




  • The name was coined by Mike Nawrocki in the episode commentary.
  • Suit off in Larry-Boy! And The Gas From Outer Space!
    • On a similar note, Phil stated that a child of a close friend of his called it "Bad Bird".
  • In the concept art, the Grim Tickler was going to have glove-like hands, similar to what the Snoodles have later.
  • If you look closely, you can see he only has a nose and no eyes. Meaning the character is eyeless.