The League of Incredible Vegetables is the 45th episode of VeggieTales and the fourth Larry-Boy episode.


Bob and Larry get a video call from Alfred that someone emailed Larry-Boy that he's afraid of everything, including snakes, and needs help to overcome his fear.



  • The Countertop
  • Bumblyburg
  • This Little Piggy Grocery

Fun Facts


  • Trolls could be either of these two:
    • European mythology creatures
    • An internet term used for people who join online communities just to annoy other users.
  • Labor Day is a American holiday celebrated on the first Monday of September.


  • The episode's original title was Larry-Boy and the League of Superheroes.
  • This was the first episode for several things:
    • The first Larry-Boy episode to have a Silly Song.
    • The first episode where Bob is an actual superhero.
    • The first Larry-Boy episode where Bob gets a major role (barring the cartoon series)
    • The first Larry-Boy episode where Junior, Mr. Lunt, and Petunia are superheroes.
    • The first episode where Bob and Larry get a video chat that is not from a child.
    • The first Larry-Boy episode to be set during winter.
    • The first Fall released episode since The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's not be Christmas related.
    • The first Larry-Boy episode to have no visible changes to the Larry Mobile.
  • This was the last episode of several things:
    • The last appearance for Larry-Boy in his third costume.
    • The last time Qwerty gets a video chat to date.
  • Some of the superpowers/gadgets Junior tried out before becoming Ricochet are:
    • Magnetic Manipulation
    • Atmokinetic
    • Inflation
    • Rockets
    • Shape-shifting


  • Throughout the episode, the cable on Larry-Boy's plungers switches from the nylon cable texture to the basic yellow rope.

Inside References

  • Larry-Boy being frozen in ice a reference towards the third LarryBoy Super Short.

Real World References

  • The penguins stealing something from a museum is a reference towards the Wallace and Gromit short "The Wrong Trouser", where Feathers tries to steal a diamond.
  • The scene Larry-Boy shows up from the dark is reference to the Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" trilogy.
  • Pull-Ups are training pants by diaper brand Huggies.
  • Kryptonite is a radioactive mineral from the DC universe which is often the weakness for Kryptonians. Particularly Superman.
  • Food City is a American supermarket chain, which are more recognized in Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee.
  • Go-Gurt is a yogurt brand by Yoplait where you can eat yogurt through a tube.
  • Angry Birds is a video game franchise used for cellphones and tablets.

Fast Forward

  • Junior would later use rockets in VeggieTales in the House episodes

Episode Transcript

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