Creating and Editing Pages

Bold, Italic, and Quotation Marks

Bold (Bold) lettering should only be used on every character, episode and song page at the top of the article while introducing the character, episode or song (ex. Bob the Tomato is the host of VeggieTales.)

Italic (Italic) lettering should only be used for every episode and song mentioned in an article.

Quotation marks (" or ') should only be used while mentioning a story segment from an episode, a quote, or an alias.

If you see an page that incorrectly uses bold, italic and quotation marks, please make the correct changes.

Character Pages

Character pages should include (in exactly this order): 

  1. Introduction - to determine if the character is a main, supporting, minor or cameo character.
  2. Biography - a summary of the character. 
  3. Appearance - a description of the character, including age, vegetable, eye, clothing, hair and feature description. 
  4. Personality (optional) - if the character appears enough to have a noticable personality, write it here.
  5. Acting Roles and Appearances - a list of the characters appearances in episodes or movies.
  6. Gallery - images of the character. It is preferred that 'profile' images of the character (images of the character with a white background) are put in the gallery before screenshots (images taken from episodes or movies).
  7. Trivia (optional) - fun facts about the character.

Episode Pages

Episode pages should include (in exactly this order):

  1. Introduction - about the release date and the making of the video, its lesson and about its story segments.
  2. Summary - about the video's story segments.
  3. Plot - a complete description about the whole episode.
  4. Songs - a list of the songs in the episode.
  5. Cast - the list of characters that appear in the episode and who they play.
  6. Screensots - a gallery of pictures taken from the episode.
  7. Covers - a gallery of the episode's cover over time.
  8. Trivia - fun facts about the episode.

Song Pages

Song pages shohuld include (in exactly this order):

  1. Introduction - about the song and in which episode(s) it appears in.
  2. Lyrics - lyrics to the song.


All pages are divided into categories, which determine details about the page. A character's category should divide into what type of character they are, their gender, vegetable type, affiliation, residence, reputation, etc. (ex. Larry-Boy divides into Main Characters, Male Characters, Vegetables, Cucumbers, Superheroes, Bumblyburg Citizens). 

Do notice that episodes the character appears in are not categories, as this clutters up the category section at the bottom of pages. Also notice that Silly Songs should not be placed in the song category, as the two are different.

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