Unnamed Nineveh Daughter
Vital statistics
Title Unnamed Nineveh Daugther
Gender Female
Vegetable/Fruit Pea
First Episode Appearance Lord Of The Beans
Voice Actor Ally Nawrocki

Unnamed Nineveh Daughter is a minor character in "VeggieTales".


She is a pea who first appearance in "Lord Of The Beans" as a villager in The Land of Wow. along with the other villagers who are very poor, thirsty and hungry (but not evil)

She also appears in "Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler" as one of the customers from "Cafe La Mancha" and "The Food Factory".


Unnamed Nineveh Daugther is a green pea beady eyes and long nose has a brown hair wears a yellow rubber band on your head.


  • Poor Daugther in "Lord Of The Beans"
  • Customer of Cafe La Mancha and The Food Factory in "The Asparagus Of LaMancha on "Sheerluck Homles and the Golden Ruler"

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