VeggieTales Theme Song
Vital statistics
Title VeggieTales Theme Song
Lyrics by Lisa Vischer and Mike Nawrocki
Music by Lisa Vischer and Mike Nawrocki
Sung by Phil Vischer, Lisa Vischer, Mike Nawrocki, Dan Anderson 

The VeggieTales Theme Song opens almost every VeggieTales episodes. The original theme song opens with dialogue of Bob the Tomato urging Larry the Cucumber to join him in the theme song. Soon Larry hops out on-screen with a sousaphone (an instrument very similar to a tuba) and begins playing. Bob, Junior Asparagus, Mom Asparagus and Dad Asparagus join him and sing while random video clips play. At the end, flowers fall from the air and Larry collapses from exhaustion. 

In 2010, the theme song was reanimated to include the entire main cast (Bob, Larry, Jimmy Gourd, Jerry Gourd, Mr. Lunt, Junior, Pa Grape, Mr. Nezzer, Jean-Claude, Philippe, Madame Blueberry, Petunia Rhubarb, Laura Carrot and Archibald Asparagus).

VeggieTales Theme Song (Original)

VeggieTales Theme Song (Original)

VeggieTales Theme Song-1

VeggieTales Theme Song-1


Bob: Okay, Larry, it's time for the theme song.

Larry: Uh... Yeah, Bob. What do I do?

Bob: Hmm, let's see. I know! You play the guitar.

Larry: Bob. I don't have any hands.

Bob: Oh, you're right. Well, okay, you play this!

Larry: I don't wanna play that! I'll look silly!

Bob: Oh, come on. It'll be fun!

Larry: Nope. Not gonna do it.

Bob: It's for the kids.

Larry: Oh, okay. But they better not laugh!

Bob: Alright, better get on out there.


Bob: If you like to talk to tomatoes

If a squash can make you smile

If you like to waltz with potatoes 

Up and down the produce aisle...

Have we got a show for you!

All: VeggieTales, VeggieTales, VeggieTales, VeggieTales,

VeggieTales, VeggieTales, VeggieTales, VeggieTales!

Bob: Broccoli! Celery! Gotta be...

All: VeggieTales!

Junior: Lima beans! Collard greens! Peachy keen...

All: VeggieTales!

Larry: Cauliflower! Sweet and sour! Half an hour...

All: VeggieTales! 

All: There's never-ever-ever-ever-ever been a show like VeggieTales!

There's never-ever-ever-ever-ever been a show like VeggieTales!

It's time for VeggieTales!


  • In the 2010 version of the theme song Junior and Larry's verses are taken out, as well as the dialogue before the song. 
  • Bob, Junior and Larry's verses were in the theme song. Instead Mom and Dad Asparagus sing "Ve-Ve-VeggieTales." This became the background vocals after the verses were added.